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Oct 10, 2013

The Birth of Mitya

Imagine an author had to write a novel using Photoshop. Or, a programmer had to code in Word. Doesn't even make sense, right? But this is what Interaction Designers are forced to put up with right now. IxDs have to use After Effects, a static video editing tool, or Quartz Composer, a programming tool, to create their visual interactions! They have to do their job using tools that were originally built for someone else!

Now, After Effects and Quartz Composer are both excellent tools - no doubt about that. But they were not built with IxDs in mind. Every artist needs tools that are built specifically for their needs. Just the way graphic designers have Photoshop and video editors have After Effects, interaction designers need their own, custom tool.

It was frustrating for us to prototype our interactions using existing tools, which is why we started making Mitya. We’ll have more to share with you as the days go by. We hope to hit private beta next month and hopefully more Interaction Designers will enjoy what we’re building. 

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